Earth Day! Corporate Olympics & Chili Cook-Off

TEAM Building activities are essential for fostering camaraderie and collaboration within a group. Incorporating games into TEAM Building events adds an element of fun and excitement, making the experience more engaging and memorable. Games such as the Corporate Olympics, scavenger hunts, or escape rooms encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills among team members. By participating […]

Let’s Talk TEAM Building Inclusion and Diversity

You know folks… in this every changing world of cultural awareness, corporate inclusion, empathy and equality… I feel that TEAM Building Activations can certainly serve as great building blocks for all of us, our personal lives and at our workplaces. We can grow and learn together and become stronger in our everyday lives by educating […]

Let’s Do TEAM Building Outdoors!

TEAM Building outdoors can be an invigorating and transformative experience, offering a dynamic departure from the traditional office setting. Engaging in activities in nature not only fosters a sense of adventure but also provides ample opportunities for collaboration, communication, and trust-building among TEAM members. Whether it’s navigating through obstacle courses, embarking on wilderness hikes, or […]

The Pandemic Has Caused a Legitimate Lack of Confidence in Corporate America

The pandemic has created a profound impact on the confidence of employees in corporate America jobs. The sudden shift to remote work, widespread layoffs, and economic uncertainty have left many workers feeling disillusioned and insecure about their professional futures. One factor contributing to this lack of confidence is the erosion of trust between employees and […]

Our New Team Building Activations Reel is LIVE!

We just redid our TEAM Building Activations video. Please enjoy just a few activities that we can produce for your organization and your TEAM! The Teambuilding Company & Interaction Denver | Custom Immersive Corporate TEAMBuilding | gobuildteams.com | 303.898.8983 #teambuilding #corporateteambuilding #corporateevents #denverteambuilding #denvercolorado #teambuildingevent #teambuildinggames #corporateemcee #corporatemeetings #corporatemeetings #coloradoteams #coloradoteambuilding #yellowstonenationalpark #yellowstoneteambuilding #yellowstoneteams #destinationteambuilding […]

TEAM Building After the Pandemic is Essential

The pandemic has significantly altered the landscape of work, with remote and hybrid work becoming the new normal for many organizations. In this unprecedented era, TEAM Building has become more crucial than ever to foster collaboration and maintain a sense of unity among TEAM members. The physical separation imposed by the pandemic has created a […]

We were mentioned! Colorado Meetings & Events Magazine

So incredibly excited… Colorado Meetings + Events Magazine has featured us… The TEAMBuilding Company… in their online TEAM Building listings! Thank you so very much! Immersive Custom Corporate Team Building The Teambuilding Company & Interaction Denver | Custom Immersive Corporate TEAMBuilding | scotty@gobuildteams.com | 303.898.8983 #teambuilding #corporateteambuilding #corporateevents #denverteambuilding #denvercolorado #teambuildingevent #teambuildinggames #corporateemcee #corporatemeetings #corporatemeetings […]

Team Building in 2024

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world in 2024, the significance of TEAM Building has become more pronounced than ever. Organizations are recognizing that fostering a cohesive and collaborative work environment is not just a luxury but a strategic necessity. One of the primary benefits lies in the enhanced communication and synergy […]

Colorado Winters are for Building Teams

Winter TEAM Building activities offer unique opportunities for groups to bond, communicate, and strengthen their collaboration skills in a festive and cold setting. These activities are designed to promote teamwork, boost morale, and create lasting memories. One popular option is winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, which require coordination and cooperation among TEAM members. […]

Holiday Season TEAM Building… Why not give back???

As the holiday season approaches, companies nationwide are presented with a unique opportunity to cultivate a sense of unity and goodwill within their workforce. Emphasizing the significance of TEAM Building activities and charitable endeavors during this time holds the potential to strengthen employee bonds, boost morale, and create a lasting positive impact both within and […]

Snowmobiling! Winter TEAM Building Activations!

TEAM Building activities can play a pivotal role in fostering strong bonds and enhancing collaboration among team members. Snowmobiling, with its thrilling adventure and adrenaline-inducing experience, serves as an exceptional avenue for team building. As teams venture into the snow-covered landscapes, they are presented with challenges that demand coordinated efforts and effective communication. Whether it’s […]

Large Group Corporate TEAM Building… with a spotlight on CSR!

With your group’s visit to Denver & Colorado, why not encourage your TEAM to give back. Corporate Social Responsibility, also called CSR, is certainly a way to immerse your TEAM in growth, excitement and an overall good feeling about themselves by giving back… as a TEAM. Bonds will be made, people will come together, and […]

Welcome to Immersive Corporate TEAM Building!

Welcome to our Custom Corporate TEAM Building company, where we specialize in crafting unique experiences that bring teams together in exciting, creative and effective ways. You won’t find any cookie-cutter programs here! Whether your TEAM is just starting out or has been working together in an established organization… We’re here to design activations and programs […]