Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few questions answered (FAQ).

Why is TEAMBuilding so important now more than ever?

So the pandemic has taken its toll on everything in our world… but especially the workforce. Corporations are concerned about the bottom line, associates are worried about their future… most, if not all, faith has been lost in corporate America. We now have to work together three times as hard to re-instill that once strong and unwavering faith in your associate’s provider for their families. The TEAMBuilding Company can help you with that!

You do picnics & events as well?

Yep! With over 35+ years in the corporate picnic and special events industry… Scotty and his team has your team covered… from initial concept design till the last person leaves.

Tell me about Scotty O'Brien...

Scotty has been on the Mic since the age of 6. Hailing from St. Louis, MO, he brings that traditional Midwest hospitality along with him. He is well traveled, has two beautiful and creative daughters that light up his life and absolutely LOVES Colorado! On his first trip to Pike’s Peak at three months old, he cried all the way up and slept all the way down on the cog railway. He is still just as loud!

Scotty knows entertainment. He has DJed in clubs in Holland and Germany, has been a cruise director/ DJ for Regency, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and has managed entertainment companies since the age of 16. Rocking shows is his passion.

Scotty is a 35+ year TEAMBuilding Master… you figured there would be a better job title than that:) He will work with you hand in hand to ensure that your goals are met and exceeded, that your questions are answered, and that you both work together to ensure a successful TEAMBuilding experience!

One last thing to know about Scotty… he ALWAYS works for the next show. This means that he will ensure that your project/ event is absolutely incredible, so he can do the next one with you wherever it may be. Yes, he does travel!

Will you meet with me in person?

Of course we will. You will always receive a white glove service when working with us. Please keep in mind that we are set up as a boutique style service, so you will always be working (planning, coordinating, maybe even being entertained by) the face of the company.

Do you all travel?

Yep! Our events take place nationwide. The formula is simple, we do an outstanding job in Denver and we will see you at your next meeting in NYC or your company’s annual TEAMBuilding outing in Yellowstone.

What are your rates?

Everything that we do is custom. Please call/ email/ text anytime and we will put together an amazing TEAMBuilding project or special event for you and your attendees!

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